Rory MacDonald Insists GSP Fight Wont Happen But Gunning for Carlos Condit Rematch

Me and Georges are not going to fight. I mean we are friends and were very close training partners, its just not going to happen.

I dont want to sacrifice a friendship and my spot training at Tri-Star, I really feel like being there is making me develop leaps and bounds as a fighter. I wouldnt disrespect Georges or the gym in that way. I know he has seniority as the title holder, so I just really feel like Im going to see what happens one step at a time.
Im fighting B.J. (Penn), I plan on beating him, and well see how the fight with Georges and Carlos goes, either way I plan on getting my rematch with Carlos in 2013, win or lose tomorrow night, said MacDonald.

In his first fight with Condit in 2010 after controlling the biggest part of the first two rounds, MacDonald found out exactly what his opponent was made of that night. Condit came out firing in the third and final round, absolutely blasting MacDonald with shots until he finished the fight with only 7 seconds remaining in the round.

He beat the (expletive) out of me. That was hard, MacDonald said about the bout against Condit.