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Thread: UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit- Live Results and Discussion Thread

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    Hopefully this goes to the ground.
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    BTW, if you train with Rickson, you are a BAD MOTHERFUCKER 4 Life.

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    Mark isn't looking bad on the feet. Might grind out a decision.

    Tough round to call. Mark 10-9?

    And where did everyone go?!?
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    Ditto the Evil Dead remake, from what I'm told Raimi and co are actually making it as a legit horror this time around and looks wild. Ditto the Maniac and Silent Night, Deadly Night remake.

    My buddy was telling me about the new Poltergeist script, that'll be down the pipeline in early 2014-ish.
    Can't wait for Evil Dead. Saw a trailer the other day for it. Looks like it might actually be a great remake for once. Hopefully if it's successful, the do another sequel of the original series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKidInside View Post
    who else Lol'd at the Joe Rogan "lance bass" comment?
    Must've slipped past me...what'd he say?
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    Georges "Rush" St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez

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    5 or 6 back of the head shots? Nice.
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    Check out the trailer for "Now You See Me". Looks like a modern day version of "The Prestige". Amazing.

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