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So when it's a fight Silva wants, he will fight whomever the UFC wants, but when it's a fight he doesn't want, that fighter is not deserving to fight him.
He told the truth in this video. Before Jon Jones hit the scenes (back when people thought he didn't belong in the octagon with Machida) all you ever heard from people especially Hdnet was GSP being the runner up for p4p. Hell some people even had GSP over Silva.

Fast forward now the time is right for those two to go at it and now people are mousing up and clamoring to Jon Jones despite GSP having the better resume.

It's my opinion that Silva wants to take things one step at at time and perhaps test the waters against GSP. He has a good chance at beating Pierre but he also has a good chance of getting smotherfucked to a UD.

Jon Jones is a bigger test however Jones has unfinished business right now with Henderson/Sonnen. Unlike GSP his plate isn't clear.

In terms of superfights GSP vs Silva makes sense otherwise GSP needs to fight Hendrix and Silva needs to fight whomever the true number 1 contender is at mw.

I remember awhile back people didn't want to see Fedor lose to anyone but found peace of mind that he lost to someone like Werdum. For me if Silva is going to lose a fight I would rather it be against another legend and not some up and comer.

Do I honestly think Weidman can beat Silva no not really as I see him getting KTFO in the 1st but the risk is still there. I have seen too many wrestlers smotherfuck their way to victory and I hate that part of MMA.

If they fought like Tito in his prime I wouldn't have a problem against them. Hell Tito was one of my favorite fighters.