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Thread: Anderson Silva Will Fight Whoever the UFC Wants – Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones

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    So this is just Anderson asking for the fight... chasing GSP around...

    Its not like Dana White himself asked Anderson to attend the fight...

    Is it that hard to understand why Anderson would rather fight GSP than Weidman... GSP is a legend, one of the best ever... Add to that the huge piles of $ he would make from the fight....

    but lets go with the idea that he is scared of Weidman, and GSP is somehow an easier fight.

    It is also very strange to see a lot of the big time GSP fans give him such a little chance against Anderson... My guess is that they say it just to try and avoid the fight... they dont actually believe it... Buts thats just me analyzing something I shouldnt be trying to figure out...

    As an Anderson fan, id be sweating bullets about that potential fight...

    GSP has the best double in the game, very quick and explosive... He has excellent top control and is close to impossible to submit... He would have some good strength on Anderson... It would be a very hard fight for both of them... They are bigger threats to each other than anyone within their own divisions.

    A question to all those asking for the Jones/Silva fight... why cant both fights happen?

    I know im purely guessing, but I do have a suspension that should Anderson fight and beat GSP, he will go after Jones next... then end his career... He seemed to elude to that in his press conference imo...

    Anderson/Jones most likely outcome is Anderson gets smashed... GSP fight loses most interest... Even if Anderson did win, people wouldnt want to see him move down, after just moving up to beat someone as dominate as Jones.

    Anderson/GSP happens, and Anderson wins... The Jones fight can not only still happen, but gets hyped up even more...

    Im sure the UFC is thinking the same way... They could potentially end up with 2 huge superfights... blockbuster PPV's... $$$$ for all involved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Are you serious? Of course he's not in the same conversation but what kind of argument is that? He's the rightful #1 contender and THAT'S ALL HE NEEDS TO BE.

    If Anderson wants to chase vanity fights, DROP THE EELT. Very simple.
    Was that fight ever even offered to him.... Its hard to condemn a guy for not taking a fight, when it hasnt been offered to him... and his Boss is seeking the same fight he is...
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