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Thread: Is Dan Hardy up for a 'fun' fight against the 'hilarious' Diego Sanchez? YES!

  1. Default Is Dan Hardy up for a 'fun' fight against the 'hilarious' Diego Sanchez? YES!

    Is Dan Hardy up for a 'fun' fight against the 'hilarious' Diego Sanchez? YES! -

    Dan Hardy is expecting to fight next spring and would be up for a "fun" fight against the "hilarious" Diego Sanchez, if "The Dream" isn't already booked for a lightweight return opposite Takanori Gomi.

    If that whole Takanori Gomi thing doesn't work out, there's always "The Outlaw."

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight number one contender, Dan Hardy, is looking to get back inside the Octagon next spring and while he's realistic about his place in the 170-pound pecking order, a "fun" fight against Diego Sanchez would be too "hilarious" to resist.

    From his chat with

    "Diego Sanchez would be great. The guy's hilarious, I can't take him seriously. I think a fight with him would be a lot of fun, why not? I'll be doubled-up from laughter if he's doing [the YES chant]. Especially if he comes out to the Mariachi music - because that's just fantastic. It's like a circus, like a festival. Ellenberger's closer to a title shot than fighting me at the moment. I'm trying to be realistic about where I am, and I need to win one or two fights before I'm back in his pool. I have a rough schedule in my head of when I'm going to fight next, which the UFC usually throw out the window so it doesn't make a great deal of difference anyway. I'm looking at the end of March, beginning of April."
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    I love the Yes chant. I'd like to see this fight though if Sanchez decided to use his wrestling he could dominate the match with ease... Hardy probably wouldn't find that hilarious or fun.
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    I have Diego hovering around top 15, and he's closer to a title shot than Hardy too.

    I do not have Hardy as a top 30 WW.

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    I don't think he's really honest with himself about trying to be realistic.
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    I'd prefer a focused and committed Diego back at 155, I think he fares better in that division and can really vye for contention with a few solid wins over top caliber LWs.

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    The wording Hardy is using like HILARIOUS makes me think he's losing his mind. I might not have a problem with Hardy if he wasn't promoted as a top contender and with him thinking he really was one. He only a good striker that hangs around mid to lower trier fighters

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    I think if the UFC matches him up with a guy like Diego ranking-wise and he wins hes back in the pool...does he deserve that much of a step-up in competition, probably not, I think he should get someone like Jay Hieron, who has good wrestling and striking and lost two out of his last three. It was pretty impressive how he used his wrestling to dominate Amir Sadollah though, it'll be interesting to see how far he can make it up the ladder. I haven't looked at Hardy the same since Lytle completely shut him down.

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