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Thread: Nick Diaz is 'not impressed' with GSP

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    In all sincerity, I think he tests hot for juice within the next couple years. I think Penn is a crackpot about a lot of stuff, but I think he's actually accurate here. But maybe I'm being melodramatic.

    I've thought that about Rory too - tons of strength, bacne, existing rumors. But I think part of the good teams is helping guys use effectively - I know folks talk about steroid use like it's an individual matter, but people pull their knowledge and resources. I think he's probably got the right coaching to not get popped.

    Especially as there's a body of medical literature that fails to find any negative effects from lower levels of steroid use, closer to those used for recovery, I think there are a lot of health conscious, sport-science oriented guys who see it as perfectly fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    Chasing dreams doesn't make you an idiot. Especially when you take into account many fans albeit mostly casual want to see these two fight. Even GSP wants the fight but somehow thinks Silva is going to drop to 170 at the age of 38.... I doubt it.
    Chasing dreams? More like chasing the easier superfight and chasing the cash that goes along with it. You've advocated a catchweight many times, and yet you are saying it is impossible for him to drop another 7.5 lbs? Maybe, just MAYBE, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about and just hanging off Anderson's nuts?

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