Hendricks. GSP has only defended his title twice in the past 2 years, because of injuries. The damn title was supposed to be defended over a year ago, when GSP got injured. With so many great fighters in the WW division, it should be a crime for him to not defend it least 1 or 2 more times, before the UFC starts thinking of putting the WW division on the back burner again. Had Condit defended the Interim title, I may be singing a different tune at the moment, but he didn't.

IMO, enough is enough. Time for the UFC to start thinking about more than just making $. Their matchmaking has become a joke as of late. Having their champ, who defended his title so few times in that period of time, fight outside of his division, is an insult to all the WW fighters (who have actually been fighting), as well as the legitimacy of their champhips. Not to mention, if they go with the May '13 date, it'll be a year or more before either defends their title again. Two weight classes full of fighters, that the UFC will screw over, just to make $.

That's not to say I'm completely against super fights in general, because I'm not. But it should be done at the right time, and IMO, this is not the right time. Not to mention, if GSP fights Silva they was he fought Condit, it'll be over in the first round.