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I think it is absolutely amazing that so many people think GSP would get destroyed based off of the Condit fight. How many fighters could throw that kick the way Condit did? <5%? Gsp didn't get tagged for not having good enough defensive skill, he got tagged for letting his guard down for a second. Up until that point Gsp was clearly outstriking him, let's not even talk about grappling. Anderson is a counterstriker with great accuracy, GSP uses his timing and explosiveness to land and get away, not only do I think GSP could strike with Silva I think he would be able to get the TD very easily. All I'm saying is this fight would be 50/50.
But I don't think now is the time for it, there may never be a time for it. Hendricks has done to much to not get the shot, if and when Weidman beats Boestch he will be able to make the same claim.
For me the Condit fight only plays a factor in it. Condit is a very good fighter and GSP did well against him especially considering the long layoff and injury. To me the main thing is that Anderson is much larger than GSP, Anderson is a dangerous striker that can end it at any moment, while GSP would likely have to hold Anderson down for a decision for 5 rounds, which I'm not sure if he'd even be able to do. This gives plenty of time for Anderson to land one shot that would end it.

If GSP were the same size as Anderson I feel like GSP would win, but when GSP walks around at 190-195 and Anderson walks around at 220-230 and his frame in general is bigger I think Anderson would smash him. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion as I'd give GSP a chance as he's a great fighter but I'd put my money on Silva.

As for the comment with only maybe less than 5% being able to land the kick that Condit did, well I'd put Anderson in that category and he'd be able to pull out a lot more different types of strikes than Condit could ever dream to do. If at any point Anderson were to land a shot that floored GSP, the fight would be over once Anderson moved in for the kill. Plus I think Anderson's takedown defense has greatly improved after training for his fight against Sonnen.