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Thread: Miesha Tate blasts 'ignorant' GSP for 'not having a clue' about women's mma

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    Default Miesha Tate blasts 'ignorant' GSP for 'not having a clue' about women's mma

    Miesha Tate blasts 'ignorant' Georges St. Pierre for 'not having a clue' about women's MMA

    "Cupcake," who recently unloaded on GSP via her personal blog.

    "I think the problem with GSP's view about WMMA is that he doesn't have one. If he hasn't ever watched us women fight then he can't say how he really feels about it because he's ignorant.

    Being old fashioned is fine, but us "modern day" girls aren't asking for your protection, we are asking for your acceptance and we are fighting for equality.

    If everyone felt about MMA as GSP thinks he feels about WMMA, then he wouldn't have a job.

    I'm hoping George St. Pierre can open his mind a little bit and actually watch some women's fights. We're coming to the UFC for a reason and it would be nice to have one of my all-time favorite fighter's full support."
    Read her entire entry here. If that wasn't enough, she followed up her scorn with a Facebook post that goes a little something like this:

    "He is ignorant, Ignorant means uneducated and the fact that he has NEVER watched a women's fight so how can he say how he would really feel about it without seeing for himself. That's what I have an issue with, he has no CLUE how hard we fight and how tough we are."
    Miesha Tate blasts 'ignorant' Georges St. Pierre for 'not having a clue' about women's MMA -

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    He was probably doing mundane things like dominating an entire weight class for half a decade or rehabbing his leg when he should have been watching Ronda Rousey snap your arm like a wish bone because you were too "ignorant" to fuckin tap. Keep your pie hole shut when commenting on the schedules and hobbies of champions.

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    Lol this is what we gotta deal with now... Shouldn't she be learning how to defend the armbar right now?? This chick doesn't even deserve to talk about Gsp when it comes to mma. Once again I am praying that wmma FAILS!!! Man I hate it.

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    Anyone have the GSP interview that she is so pissed about?

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    fast forward to 45 seconds to hear what he actually said

    if you dont want to watch it here is exactly what he said:

    "For women, fight its good for her im happy for the girl that fight, me personally i have a hard time watching the girl fight, my heart, maybe the way i grew up, mentally im different im old school but i have a hard time watching girl fighting, its hard for me. Ive never really watched the women fight, but i know they are pretty good i know ronda rousey is pretty good..."

    Now im a fan of WMMA i have noting agianst it personally, it was a little weird to get use to at first seeing two women in the cage throwing bombs and beating the crap out of eachother but its not so bad now.

    BUT tons of my friends who are not as hardcore in MMA like i am feel the EXACT same wasy GSP does. they dont like anything about it, they dont like watching it, they dont think its attractive (they think its the complete opposite) and its just something they dont want to see.

    and for the record, tate is stupid if she actually believes hes ignorant to WMMA. Being ignorant to a situation and not caring for a situation are two different things


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    So she goes all psycho over THAT comment?

    Holy hell.

    If she only defended armbars as well as whining.
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    sooooo basically he says it's great for them, great that they can make a career, he said he heard they were very good, but for him PERSONALLY he doesn't like to watch? And she goes ape shit over that?!

    Yeah, get over it Meisha, you better get thicker skin if a comment like that sets you off so much

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    And the PMS just flooded the UFC building.

    Have fun with that boys.
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    I usually notice that stupid people are the ones who call others "ignorant".

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    I really don't see where he was being disrespectful? I do not see where he said anything that would warrant her response?
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