Miller: I'm going to try to catch [Lauzon]

ďHeís a scrappy dude. He comes out and really just doesnít care, and itís just aggressive. I like watching him fight, I like that style and I think I match up well against that. To me, itís just a fight and wherever it goes I have to be on my best because heís dangerous everywhere. But, heís not unbeatable. Iím going in there and Iím going to be aggressive as well and Iím going to try to catch him.Ē

With both fighters having a propensity to work for finishes, Millerís aware that anything can happen.

ďWhen the pace gets up, either one of us could catch the other guy. And thatís probably how it will end, weíll probably catch each other in a fast paced scramble. Itís just trying to be the quicker man and the better man on that night.Ē
Miller: I'm going to try to catch [Lauzon] - Mixed Martial Arts News