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Thread: Anderson Silva on GSP, “This is New Georges. This is New; I Like It!”

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    Heartbreaking to see Kampmann lose like that. But credit to Hendricks. I wasn't a believer, unimpressed by the Kos fight, but the man has earned his shot.

    Silva needs to STFU. I've never had more respect for GSP than when he continued to stand by his obligations as champ and respect his opponents and division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CtGreat View Post
    He means, this Georges is better than the old one.
    Goodbye Mr. Burton

    All in the reflexes
    Anderson Silva 5: TRT USERS 0 Hendo - Forrest - Nate - Chael... twice

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    I know I may be in the minority here, and that's fine, but I personally don't have much of an interest in the GSP/Hendricks or Silva/Weidman fights. I totally get that they may be considered number 1 contenders (although I'm still not sold on either) but I don't see either as being much of a challenge to there respective champs.

    With Hendricks knows for his massive power, GSP will just take him down and do what he does so often. Weidman is fairly well rounded, but I still think Anderson will just toy with him on the feet and probably just TKO him in the first or second.

    It's simply my opinion, but I'd much rather watch GSP/Anderson just because I think it will be much more competitive than either of those other options. I actually have GSP winning if it happened.

    You can argue that a superfight may or may not be good for the sport, but these type of fights come along once or twice in a lifetime. In a sport where anything can happen it's rare to have two champions, in two different weight classes, that have both been dominant for a long time and get the opportinuty to fight each other. God forbid... but it's feesible GSP blows out his knee again training for the Hendricks fight and needs to take another 12-18 months off to rehab, and in that time Silva could potentially retire. It may be a stretch, but it's not impossible.

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    I agree with Firas, that if Silva is pursuing the GSP fight very actively, he should be the one who comes down in weight. I know 170lb would be very difficult, but the halfway mark of 177.5lb is very reasonable.

    But given how Silva said he would never fight Jones unless JJ met him at catchweight (knowing very well it would then be disadvantageous to JJ), and forcing GSP to move up to 185lb (giving Silva the advantage), it's very clear that Silva wants to attain every advantage possible.

    Firas is not only one of the best coaches out there, he is also GSP's best friend, and has stated he would never send GSP into a fight that he wasnt ready for or one that would be disadvantageous to him. Seeing as how GSP has never fought at MW before, and fighting Silva, who would have every size advantage on him, I think Firas would advise GSP not to take the Silva fight, unless it was a catchweight bout.

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