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Thread: Michael Bisping predicts “easy night” against Vitor Belfort

  1. Default Michael Bisping predicts “easy night” against Vitor Belfort

    Michael Bisping predicts

    UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort may not have the prettiest record but there’s a reason he’s viewed by most as one of MMA’s legitimate legends.

    “The Phenom” is powerful, precise, and surprisingly quick. He’s also got a warrior’s mentality in terms of taking any tilt thrown his way, even going so far as to nearly finish 205-pound champion Jon Jones on short notice a few months back.

    However, Belfort’s next opponent – Michael Bisping – isn’t overly concerned about the Brazilian’s past accomplishments or in-ring arsenal. In fact, he apparently doesn’t even know if he’ll break a sweat en route to beating Belfort on January 19 at UFC on FX 7.

    “I can go 5×5 standing on my head. I don’t think Vitor Belfort can do the same thing, and after round one, he’s gonna be a walking punching bag and it’s gonna be an easy night for ‘The Count,’” said Bisping in a conversation with MMAInterviews. “He has the body of the lion but the legs of a chicken and the heart of a chicken, which I’ll show.”
    Bisping did give Belfort credit for being dangerous in the early phases of a fight, saying he respected the veteran’s abilities even if he wasn’t worried about becoming a victim of them.

    “I believe I can beat him. I believe I’m the better fighter,” concluded Bisping.
    The 33-year old Brit will enter the bout with an overall record of 23-4 including wins in five of his last six scraps. Comparably, Belfort is 21-10 with success against a number of notable opponents such as Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin.
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    Ya Ya Mikey I'm not from Iwoa but show me!

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    I can see that happening, but I can also see it being very difficult to avoid getting knocked out in the first 3 rounds. It's a tough fight to say. I want Vitor to KO Bisping but I kinda wanna see Bisping vs Silva.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwbrewer View Post
    Ya Ya Mikey I'm not from Iwoa but show me!
    Come on now LW, Missouri is the Show Me state!

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    UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort may not have the prettiest record but there’s a reason he’s viewed by most as one of MMA’s legitimate legends.
    The fuck?
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    I hope Vitor lets his hands fly. He really hasn't done that in his last few fights.

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    If Bisping can maintain constant lateral movement and consistent, technical footwork by EXPLICITLY avoiding getting backed-up, walked down and put against the cage, he's got a great shot.

    I believe Bisping gameplans his way to a decision.

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    I've been going back and forth on this. I used to have Bisping winning, but

    1. Bisping really underwhelmed me in the Stann fight.

    2. I think Vitor is actually moving away from the early blitz, into a more consistent pattern, a lot like JLau. I should probably watch them again, but I recall the Johnson and Jones fights being a different tempo. It'll be interesting to see which Belfort shows up.

    I think I'm leaning to Vitor now.

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