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Thread: Carlos Condit: “I left it all in the cage.”

  1. Default Carlos Condit: “I left it all in the cage.”

    Carlos Condit:

    Despite the brutality of the battle, the pain of defeat likely hurts more today than any physical damage UFC welterweight Carlos Condit is dealing with. The talented 28-year old waited nine months for an opportunity to unify his interim title with linear champion Georges St-Pierre’s belt last night at UFC 154 and even came close to winning, landing a perfectly placed headkick sending GSP down to the mat. However, in the end it was St-Pierre who came away with the win thanks to an unstoppable stream of takedowns and technical prowess on top.

    One thing softening the blow for Condit is the comfort of knowing he did everything he could in the clash, not cracking under the pressure of St-Pierre’s attack and capitalizing on every opening he saw.

    “I would have liked a different outcome but I left it all in the cage. I fought to the best of my ability tonight,” said Condit in a post-fight interview with Fuel TV.
    Rather than reacting too emotionally, Condit kept things in perspective, pointing to both the caliber of opposition he was facing combined with a genuine belief the loss will help him grow as a fighter.

    “Georges is one of the best guys to have ever gotten in the Octagon. He showed why tonight,” explained Condit, later stating, “Obviously I have some improvements (to make) but this is the kind of fight you learn from.”
    The loss snapped a five-fight winning streak for Condit and was only his second stumble since July 2006.
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    I thought Condit did really well, i didnt think GSP dominated him, i think he held his own where ever the fight went but gsp clearly controled where it went, i would definitely like to see them fight again in the future more so than anyone else that GSP has fought including bj penn, condit needs to work on his TDD he hardly even contests them because he isnt afraid to be taken down but it was a waste of time and points to just let it happen over and over again. Id like to see a rematch against diaz or kampman he should not be ranking worse than top 5 id say he's number 3 behind hendricks and gsp

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    I think he badly underestimated GSP's top game. I think he swept him twice but GSP recovered and put him in his back again both times iirc. It seemed like he was happy not to expend energy defending the takedown becuase he felt he could threaten with subs or anticipated being more successful was sweeps. That was a mistake because GSP held him down and beat him up.

    Condit's still a bad, bad man, but with so many wrestlers at 170 he needs to improve his defensive wrestling. Even so, GSP is so hard to stop because he's so good a disguising his shots.

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    He should have tried to utilize offensive wrestling more, like how Penn did against Fitch. GSP knew that he didnt have to worry about takedowns since Carlos never goes for any, meanwhile Carlos had to worry about the takedown and GSP's striking; thus keeping him on the defensive and tentative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    Good points CTGREAT but who has got to implament there game plan on GSP. He's great at keeping his opponets tentive.

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    Jackson didn't and won't watch GSP vs. Condit - Mixed Martial Arts News
    "It was just a little too personal for me. I love both of those guys and it is just business and they did what they had to do, but for me, it was kind of a personal thing and it's not something I enjoy. So, I hung out with the family and didn't participate. A few people were asking me and I said no, it wasn't like I was dying for play-by-play or anything like that. I got updates after it was done and everybody let me know it was good and everybody was okay and that was my main concern. Everybody was fine and it's time to move on, I guess."

    When asked if he would watch the bout for future training purposes, Jackson had this to say:

    "Nah, I don't think so. There might be (advantages in seeing the fight) but, I know Carlos so well, I know his style so well that I probably won't need to see the fight just because it's already in the noggin."
    GSP credits Serra loss for tense head kick moment at UFC 154 - Mixed Martial Arts News

    St. Pierre admits the knockdown gave him flashbacks of his fight against Serra, and he used what he learned in that loss to survive the near-finish, as he explained at the UFC 154 post-fight press conference:

    "Yes it was a similar experience [to the Serra fight]. When I got hit hard, sometimes before I was very proud guy, I try to give it back right away but the experience I gained from a lot of all my fight allowed me to recompose, defend myself and when I got back I come back stronger. It's that experience that allowed me to survive, you know, and come back from that kick that I got hit with."

    Lesser men would have been finished by a Condit head kick, and for St. Pierre, it was only the second time in his 19-fight UFC career that he was knocked down from a strike.

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    That's what I like to hear NBK. Never fail to entertain me, it was a damn good fight, and I hope to see him back in there soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CtGreat View Post
    He should have tried to utilize offensive wrestling more, like how Penn did against Fitch. GSP knew that he didnt have to worry about takedowns since Carlos never goes for any, meanwhile Carlos had to worry about the takedown and GSP's striking; thus keeping him on the defensive and tentative.
    Problem is has some pretty stellar takedown defense you don't see it alot and usually his opponents are on their backs to much to make more then a couple attempts.

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