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Thread: White: Rousey is like a Diaz brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Lol you beat me to it! Haha

    I was thinking the same thing. I'm kind of worried about him putting all his eggs in one basket by putting so much hype behind her. God forbid she lose her next fight. What would Dana have to say about the women's division after that?

    As far as being like the Diaz brothers, that's not very nice of him to say. I might agree when she starts dropping her hands mid fight and screams "come on bitch!"
    If Rousey loses...
    Dana: "You know, we gave it a f/n shot, but the women's division just isn't working out like we thought it f/n would, so we are f/n going to cut our losses and can this f/n division."
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    What exactly is the comparison with the Diaz brothers? As far as I know, Rousey can actually articulate 2 words.

    If he is comparing them because "She is nasty, she is mean"...LOL, as if the DIaz bros are the only fighters that are nasty and mean and want to finish fights.

    I do not know if Rousey already sucked Dana's dick or if he indeed already fucked her in the ass, but he praises her way too much.
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    Attaboy Dana, attaboy.
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    Pretty sure saying someone is "like a Diaz brother" is just another way of calling them a douche.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't take that as a compliment, personally.
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    I can't understand for the life of me why I am liking the Diaz bro's and their Pooch nowdays.

    Seems to me up until Nick's fight with BJ and Nate with Donald I didn't care for either of em now im all most hugging nuts.

    And just to give Dana a chubby I didn't care for watching WMMA after Carano's secksy ass got pounded by Cyborg..I started caring for it again after I saw Ronda taking peoples arms home with her. But I m not huge on her looks or hearing her talk.
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