Lyoto Machida No Longer Angry About Chael Sonnen

The UFCís decision to award Chael Sonnen a crack at light heavyweight champion Jon Jonesí belt didnít sit well with many people including a number of the talented 205ers in line with superior claims to contendership. A handful of fighters even went so far as to express their anger publicly including former title-holder Lyoto Machida.

ďThe DragonĒ, who lost his shot at Jonesí belt by requiring more than a few weeks to train for the tilt, has since gotten over his issue with Sonnen and moved on with his life as he made clear in a recent interview.

ďAt the moment I was a little upset. But itís all good, itís passed. Thereís always two sides to everything. Looking at it from an athleteís perspective, Chael Sonnen might have cut across a lot of people and maybe cut the line to get a shot at the belt. But for the UFC, it might be a good thing for this fight to happen at this time. Thereís always two sides.Ē

ďIím very happy to be fighting Dan HendersonÖItís a good fight and its another challenge for me. If I want to fight for the belt again, I need to get through this fight first.Ē