Mark Hunt: 'If it wasn't for fighting, I'd probably be in jail' - Bloody Elbow

What's the best part of fighting?

"Just...the fighting. I hate training. Training I hate. Fighting I like.
Where would he be without combat sports?

"If I wasn't a fighter, I'd probably be in jail. I say like I said before, fighting saved my life. As a kid I was always doing stupid things, but combat sports, martial arts...saved me. When everyone else didn't believe in me, it was just me that believed in myself. But fighting, it saved me from that chip on the shoulder. It took that chip away. I didn't have to prove anything."
On his gameplan:

"Gameplan? I have a gameplan, I have a great gameplan. My gameplan is just to knock his head off. (laughs) That's the gameplan. (laughs). No, I don't have a gameplan, I don't have any strategies. I just try to make myself better. So, the better I am at fighting, the more he's gonna get hurt."