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Thread: Couture: I think Sonnen & Hendo would fight each other

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    I don't like using friendship as a reason to not fight (but i can understand it), but if you are training partners i can definitely see how it could damage a dynamic that got you where you are.

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    Too many fighters look at fights as if they were a "war" and that their opponent is the enemy. This isn't a war, it's a sport. People who refuse to fight people because they're teammates are just plain ridiculous. That's one reason I loved watching GSP vs. Condit. Sure they've trained together and they're friends, but they know that they can both go in there, put on a great show, and still be friends after no matter who wins.

    Then you have guys like the Diaz brothers who are disrespectful to their opponents, just for the reason that they are going to fight.

    I believe that both Chael and Hendo have the right mindset to be willing to fight each other despite being friends.

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    For some people hating your opponent is a requirement to fight. I can't recall the Diaz brothers ever liking anyone they fought until the fight was over (not even BJ).
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