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Thread: UFC champ Dominick Cruz's return pushed back by second ACL surgery

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    Default UFC champ Dominick Cruz's return pushed back by second ACL surgery

    Dominick Cruz underwent another major knee surgery this past week, and it'll likely further delay his return to the octagon.

    Trainer Eric Del Fierro today told ( that Cruz's anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) was replaced after his body rejected one from a cadaver.

    The UFC bantamweight champion is in Los Angeles today to meet with a doctor who will give him a timeline for his return, DelFierro said, though he estimated it could set the fighter back another six to nine months.

    Cruz (19-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC) underwent corrective surgery in June after tearing his ACL in preparation for a rematch with Urijah Faber, who coached opposite him on "The Ultimate Fighter 15." The two were scheduled to meet at UFC 148 on July 2, but Cruz was forced out of the fight, and Renan Barao went on to beat Faber to claim an interim title at UFC 149.

    Del Fierro said Cruz's ACL was replaced, as well as his MCL, which had been torn prior to a fight with Charlie Valencia in 2008.

    Following several months of recovery, the MCL held while the ACL did not.

    "He's pissed and disappointed," Del Fierro said. "But I think he's doing better now. Once he talked to the doctor and found out what was going on, he felt much better."

    The trainer said Cruz's training was advancing with the approval of his doctor and physical therapist, but he had not been cleared to prepare for a fight.

    Meanwhile, Cruz hoped to return in early 2013 but couldn't provide a date.

    Cruz most recently stepped into the cage in October 2011, when he outpointed Demetrious Johnson to defend his title, which he also defended against Faber at UFC 132.

    This past month, UFC President Dana White said he would offer a fight to Barao, possibly against Michael McDonald, despite the champ's stated preference to wait for Cruz's return. Barao coach Andre Pederneiras said late this past month that he had yet to receive an offer but would welcome a fight in early 2013.
    Career over?? 2 ACL surgeries in under a year which will equal about a 2 year layoff from the sport in total...

    If he is going to come back, should the UFC strip him of his title and make Barao the real 135 champ and not an interim champ?


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    Damn..Just..Damn, this sucks.

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    I personally think if a title is not defended within a year it should be stripped. Regardless of injuries etc. The previous title holder should be granted a rematch upon return. And IMO this goes for everyone. Anderson included.

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    Dammit. This is even longer that Barao will go without defending the title. He needs to nut up and fight already.

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    I don't think they need to strip him, while i'm not opposed to that idea, i don't think it is nessisary, the interim title needs to be defended however. I do think it might be good business for cruiz to let go of the title while he recovers though, let go of the title, come in after 2 years off almost and fight Faber to settle the grudge, would be a nice warm up fight for cruiz before he fights for the title. unlikely but just a thought.

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    Winner of Assuncao vs. Easton fights Michael McDonald for the Interim, Interim Championship.

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    Fighters should be stripped of the title if they can't defend it in 8 months to a year. Interim champs should also be stripped if they refuse to defend it period.

    I hope Cruz comes back sooner than later, he is one bad ass dude.
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    Due to his style of fighting (quick foot work) and due to his age (he is missing his prime years) this could cause for some serious trouble when he gets back

    Then again, that was said about GSP and he looked fantastic when he came back

    But man, GSP has 1 surgery, not two. And as good as Condit is, Cruz has a BEAST waiting for him in Barao... tough luck for Cruz, hate to read this

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    End of that poor bastard's career.
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    damn, that really sucks :/ if he is sidelined (in total) over a year I have no problem with the belt being passed on. at least schedule barao a fight quickly and keep him active.
    as far as end of career.....hardly. that he will be away so long. pretty sure the same thing happened to short fuse, he's still fighting

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