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Thread: ESPN's MMA Live names the Top 5 Wrestlers in MMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by TapOut27 View Post
    Ben Askren pins everyone on that list except for Cormier due to size.

    Also people forget that Askren is a good BJJ practitioner. He is a legit Brown Belt, and trains with Marcello Garcia. He always has wrestled "funky"...he knows what he leaves out for subs and such.
    I agree with you to an extent, however I call into question just how well he knows when and for how long to leave stuff out for subs, before he gets into serious danger. Despite being a brown belt and rolling with Garcia, he can't give the kind of looks he has to great BJJ grapplers, and he hasn't faced any to date. Askren can be funky against Lima, and he terrified me with how many looks he was giving Lima for subs, but I can think of too many guys who can grab a limb like what he leaves out and sub him.

    I think Askren's an incredible amateur wrestler, but I don't believe he's faced enough competition to vet his submission defense to be catagorized as a top five MMA wrestler yet. I know he calls his style funky and all, but sometimes I think he takes too many risks, leaves stuff out and comes off as needlessly careless and sloppy.

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    Not an amateur wrestler, he is an Olympic Wrestler

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