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Thread: Kenny Florian's November 2012 Zuffa Rankings

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    3. Nick Diaz 

    4. Carlos Condit 

    and this
    3. Rashad Evans

    4. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua 

    really don't make much sense.

    Nick Diaz, who lost to Condit, is above Condit? Why exactly?

    Rashad, who is coming off a loss, is over Shogun, who is coming off a win. Rashad hasn't fought since April. Shogun is closer to a shot than Rashad. A fail to see the logic outside of Rashad being friends with Kenny.

    Some people are ranked too high, like the previously mentioned Carwin, but they are okay rankings I guess.
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    wow, am I the only one blown away by struve not being ranked at all?

    aside from the other ones guys here have already pointed out, thats the biggest one I see..

    EDIT: Nate Diaz should be above Edgar, and probably Maynard at 155. At the moment at least.
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    Roy Nelson is also absent from heavyweight. I just thought it was interesting seeing a Zuffa employee's rankings.

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    Carwin at #6? Diaz above Condit? Thiago Silva, who hasn't won a fight since 2009, at #9? Michael Bisping at #4?

    Ar first glance it seems normal, but then...


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