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Thread: The Culinary Union appeals to FOX exec to remove Jeremy Stephens from UFC On Fox 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofsteven View Post
    I think you guys are missing the most important point -they may be d-bags who are anti-anything-UFC/Dana White -but they are RIGHT. Would you pass them off so easily if he had plead guilty to rape? These guys are highly trained and way more dangerous than your average Joe and should be held to very strict standards by the UFC when it comes to violent behavior outside the cage. So many people threw a fit (myself inclkuded and rightly so) about the Bellator guy but don't bat an eye when this fighter physically abused his baby momma? Cmon man.....
    because none of the member of said union have ever been charged with the very same crime
    The need to clean up the "dog shit in their own home before saying some one else house stinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    The career of teaching is different from that of an athlete. You'd think that the argument that there are impressionable kids watching the UFC so they should not have an individual with a past on the broadcast. I would disagree. It most certainly will not affect his opponent, as he knows what he is getting into from watching Stephens previous fights.
    the fact that he's a fighter and the alleged crime is violent has more direct relevance in terms of crime-to-profession than teaching does to DUI, or to stealing paper from the copy room or whatever.

    My point was that people get suspended all the time, until their case is'd just get a huge # of hits with teachers, because they make news.

    I've worked at universities where janitors were suspended for DUI's. Are they role models?

    I think participation should be dependant on the severity of the conviction, in this case, he is innocent until proven guilty and that is how the country is run. Stephens should be allowed to participate and have gainful employment while his trial is ongoing.
    If he is convicted, the potential blowback for FOX--who have a pretty conservative board in terms of politics--to host a fighter who is then not ony illustrated to be a vicious thug, but to have them aware of it before hand is a lot of negative publicity that they may not want to risk. That would be a pretty cut and dried risk/reward business decision for them, in my opinion, and certainly no different from dana counterprogramming, or the CU applying pressure wherever they can.

    I don't think FOX taking him off the card is infringing on his rights. He'd have the right to seek gainful employment elsewhere, or dana would have the option of continuing to pay him till the case is resolved.

    It's a privilege to be in the UFC, not a right. It's a privilege to be on a televised card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    I see situations all the time where individuals in public positions are suspended from their positions while the case is resolved. It literally happens all the time.

    How many players are suspended pending DUI's or weed possession?

    It happens all the time.

    This is absolutely a business move by the CU. It's applying pressure to zuffa to allow the unions in, just as zuffa applied pressure to Affliction and SF to fold/sell.

    Again, if it's good for zuffa, it should be good across the board, no?

    What's the difference?

    The difference is those people are suspended with pay until the facts/verdict comes out. Jeremy is supposed to sit on the sidelines without his major source of income until this shit gets resolved?

    When the CU throws its dick around in NY to try and keep the UFC out of it; thats a business move, thats putting pressure on Zuffa. Writing FOX about 2 fighters that they have on an upcoming card and bitching about their legal problems seems real petty. (its not even like the general public knows who either of these fighters are anyways) Taking either or both of these fighters off of the card wouldnt stop one person from watching this event so I really dont see how its a business move to put pressure on Zuffa.

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    everyone in this fucking world should just learn to mind their own fucking business.
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    so, would it be fair play then for the ufc and zuffa to bring to light everything a member of the culinary union has said on social media, or had legal issues to the casinos and establishments who deal with the union, and ask them to stop?

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    I would think most nice innocent guys dont just wake up one day and decide they wanna fight...Fighting is kind of in you and im sure 50 % or so of fighters had troubled pasts and were criminals and they found a legal way to do what they enjoy and make money.

    The other 50 % would likely be collage wrestlers.

    If they were to hold all fighters accountable for their past's...You know how many great fight's we would have never seen? how many champions would have never been?

    MMA is a sport filled with douchebags and always will be. Just like it's fans us are the same way.. Most strait laced blue collar goody goods don't care to watch MMA it's those who have that chip on their shoulders or a bit of anger in us or do a bit of drugs that enjoy watching people get banged out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    And how is that any different from the tactics dana and zuffa routinely employ? When zuffa does things like counterprogramming other competitive orgs, it's considered a great business move. When dana gets a personal hard-on for Fedor and does everything he can to fuck his career, it's hilarious...but when the CU does this it's suddenly corrupt and dirty?
    You don't see the difference between a union trying to hurt a company because they can't get a foot hold into some of the businesses they own and competing against another company that offers the same product as you ? Really ?

    I'm curious as well how exactly did Dana fuck Fedor's career ? I could see the Strikeforce buy out maybe as being an arguement here but I'm pretty sure that would have happened with or without Fedor there.

    If Stephens is found to be guilty, it wouldn't be the best for him to have fought on this card. If he's found to be innocent, he can fight on future cards without any concern. If Stephens needs money now for legal defense, and dana is 100% supportive, zuffa can financially assist him until the critical parts of his case are resolved.
    Agreed the smart thing to do would be to have Stephens clear this up first.

    With Trujillo, his case happened years ago, and it's public record; but there doesn't seem to be anything about resolution and/or anger management classes or other educational outreach. Minimally, if he's done things to turn himself around, that should be public knowledge as well. I'm all in favor of giving people second chances, but none of what the CU has done here is in any way corrupt in my eyes.
    If they are not being underhanded an actually showing true concern here why are we not hearing this more from them? How many countless entertainers have been through just Las Vegas alone that have had criminal issues that they've probably never given a thought about if they played in a union establishment.

    While it may not be corrupt it's still nothing but blatant PR hypocrisy.

    Fundamentally, I want the MMA to get better. I look at things like this as constructive criticism. I want zuffa to address the concerns constructively--I do not feel Stephens should be fighting until his case is resolved, nor any other fighter who is under investigation for violent crimes--and grow as a result.
    I agree with everything you said here except the constructive criticism part there is no need for the culinary union to be sticking their nose in here.

    I think the kneejerk reaction is to simply hate on the CU because they have an agenda. But their agenda doesn't mean that anything they've stated here is anything less than accurate.

    If I thought there was an actual true concern behind what they CU said I'd give them more credence. Realistically though we can all form our own opinions without them coming off like a bunch of tattle tales and trying to make problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    I see situations all the time where individuals in public positions are suspended from their positions while the case is resolved. It literally happens all the time.
    Absolutely agreed, but I think it's just as shitty then too.

    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    But I can think of two teachers who are currently suspended in our vaguely local news, simply because they're "going to court." And by that, I mean, not just visiting, they're facing charges.

    It's all well and good to say that everyone is innocent til proven guilty, and that's a cornerstone of our nations history. It's also well and good to have it say "give us your tired and meek" on the base of the statue of liberty, and we're kicking them out of Southern Florida every day and sending them back to Mexico. Nobody is saying that Stephens is guilty, and he's not being illegally detained pending trial. Removing him from a card isn't violating his civil rights, it would simply be denying him a privilege...and there is an enormous difference between rights and privileges.

    It's not extreme. Google "teacher suspended" and nothing else and see how many teachers come up suspended for allegedly doing something, pending resolution of their respective cases.

    Actually it's wildly different. In this case, Stephens is being denied his ability to make a living and a salary. In almost all cases of teacher accusations, the offending teacher is paid until the matter is resolved, regardless of whether or not they can still be in the classroom.

    In fact, that makes it much more like what I was saying, innocent until proven guilty, though with a special precaution to protect children from heinous crimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luc1an View Post
    everyone in this fucking world should just learn to mind their own fucking business.
    But how would people feel better than themselves if they didn't relish in others mistakes or even things that others don't even know are even the truth?

    Innocent until proven guilty.

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    They are actually right.
    However I really wonder if the CU has nothing better to do than to spend time writing letters to the UFC.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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