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Thread: Forrest Griffin latest fighter hit by the injury bug

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    Default Forrest Griffin latest fighter hit by the injury bug

    Dana White ‏@danawhite
    Forrest Has MCL tear and ACL strain. 20 cc's of blood removed from his knee and the saga continues at the UFC!!

    And another bites the dust...i can personally say im never surprised when Dana and the UFC announce a fighter is injured and pulling out of a card. Anyone see his latest Vlog where he takes a shot at the UFC fighters for pulling out of fights? If not here it is;

    fast forward to 1:40
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    Meh. Didn't have a ton of interest in this fight anyways. I always like watching Forrest fight, but something about this matchup didn't didn't do it for me. I wonder what Vera has been up to, and Cyrille might even be ready to go since his last fight didn't last too long.

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    I'd throw Bader or Janitor in there, as they're scheduled to faceoff in late January and I'm pretty sure Janitor is always good to go. Te Huna, Jimmo and Vinny are also possibilities.

    Diabate didn't take too much damage against Griggs, he's a possibility and I betcha Maldonado would be down if he could get medically cleared in time. Vera and him are teammates, so that's out.

    I don't know what Mousasi's contract is like(SF or Showtime), but if they're closing shop in Janurary anyways, he'd be a great co-main addition.

    Regardless, whoever takes the fight will have to cancel Christmas and have a short-camp against a top very interested to see who they book.

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    Yeah, it sucks that he's hurt, but there really are more exciting fights to be made here.

    Is Vinny Magalhães booked? That would be a good fight.

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