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Thread: 'Great boxer' Michael Bisping ready to meet Belfort in the center of the Octagon

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    Jon Fitch is a finisher.
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    Anderson Silva had broken ribs

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    Kimbo by flying inverted triangle

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    hate to go against the grain here, but bisping is one of the better mma boxers currently in the division.

    he's just far... far behind belfort in terms of boxing skill, speed, and power.

    we know how to beat belfort. to push the pace, take him down, and rough him up. hendo made him look like a little girl, and belfort mentally collapses. bisping is much better at takedowns than belfort is at takedown defense, so that's his best option here. if he tries to stand and band, stick and move or not, he's getting his head knocked off.
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    Firstly......HAHAHAHAHA at Bisping.
    Does this guy ever go back and watch his matches?
    He claims he is hard to hit?

    Denis Kang dropped Bisping with a right hand in the first round which stunned Bisping.
    Wanderlei Silva flurried Bisping with punches in bunches in the final seconds of the second and third rounds.
    Akiyama rocked Bisping and made him stagger in the first round.
    Stann caught him with a clean punch and made him stagger.
    Dan Henderson threw a punch from a mile away, which everyone saw coming except for Bisping.

    Vitor's cardio is being questioned but it's always due to being taken down by wrestlers. Bisping has above average wrestling, but certainly not that great. He mightily struggled taking Stann down, who doesnt really posses the footwork and speed to shrug off TDs. I think Vitor will be prepared for Bisping's TDs and will use his movement to evade them, and counter off those TDs by finding openings to Blitzkrieg Bisping.

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    Nick Diaz deserves a shot at GSP's title.

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    Bisping probably gets KTFO against Vitor... His stick and move game wont work against Vitor... Unless Mike goes the wrestling route, he may find some success...

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    Before the Stann fight, I would have given Bisping the advantage in this fight as I think Vitor only does well against one-dimensional strikers and guys with slower footwork; less so with others. But every time I look for him to win dominantly, Bisping underwhelms me, gets caught with a silly punch, and shows his wrestling isn't as good as I think it will be.

    I was never on the Bisping hype wagon, but I'm done thinking he'll make big strides between fights. Vitor either crushes him or completely runs out of gas and defeats himself.

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