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Thread: Steven Segal vs. Randy Couture

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIZjitsZOU View Post
    Damn Donosaur you are on a fucking roll! This and the alternate universe comment about segall and you are my new hero! keep it coming
    Segal definitely isn't much of an actor but then again what martial artist is? Actually no there are a handful.

    Eric Roberts
    Wesley Snipes
    Gary Busey
    Forest Whitaker

    I thought this list at IMDB was pretty interesting but I honestly don't know why they have Michael Jai White listed so low. Interesting enough Segal atleast made top 10 infact they have him ranked #7.

    Clearly he must be doing something right.

    IMDb: The Best Martial Arts Actors/Actresses - a list by Sergio91
    Anderson Silva:
    Best Fighter on the planet.

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    No one wants to fuck with this beast...

    If looks could kill alone... segal wouldnt even need to fight... the guy is on another level.

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    Remember Randy he can not be choked.

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