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Thread: Dana White discusses the future of BJ Penn

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingrobert View Post
    Im glad Bj came back to fight but he cant compete against the big 170's. I really think the UFC used his name to start there big push on Rory. If he fights again it should be at 155. It really sucks to see Bj beatdown the way he has been in his last 2 fights.
    It's BJ that wanted the fight o.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qball1974 View Post
    It's BJ that wanted the fight o.0
    Imo, Rory beat BJ down wayyyyyyy worse than GSP did. If that was a 5 round fight........I think he would've gotten the TKO eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    Really sad to see my favourite fighter getting tooled like that but I don't want him to retire just yet. Maybe he can move down to LW and fight someone like Maynard or gomi? WW divisions not just for him and if he ends up losing in LW than he seriously needs to retire

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    Before he retires, I want to see him have one last run at the light weight division. He never should have been in the ww division to begin with! I still think bendo would have the edge, but with frankie gone I could see him eventually being a legit #2 and he might even get the title back.

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    BJ is a fighter that needs much desire/ dislike to train for a fight, thats why I don't see a run in lw going well either. Maybe a vanity fight not sure who, but Gomi getting old to something along those lines. Just not a guy around in there prime and walks around 200#. That didn't work well last night for sure.

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    after last night, I think its time for bj to just pack it in. By this point, its only going to be downhill for him. Id rather not watch another one of the fighters who drew me in to MMA roll down the hill like chuck.

    If BJ is determined to take one more fight before he's done, Id say Maia at 170 is where its at.

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    WW division is too stacked and the guys are too big for Penn. If he fights again it should be at LW. I'm honestly not surprised by what happened last night even though I love Penn.

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    BJ is still living the dream the Gracies planted that with proper technic the smaller guy can win. The only problem is the bigger guy knows the same technic's = to a bad beat down for BJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CtGreat View Post
    BJ is done, and just like Shogun, he will never taste title contention again. The times have passed them by IMO.
    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    Well said.

    Too bad there is no way possible we could see Rory fight Hendricks.
    Wow, how does it feel to get a well said from rd. I'd have to go on a vision quest if that happened.

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    Lost a lot of respect for Rory, showboating like a douchebag.

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