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Thread: Weidman Wants To Shut Up The Scumbag, Man Code Breaking Michael Bisping

  1. Default Weidman Wants To Shut Up The Scumbag, Man Code Breaking Michael Bisping

    Weidman Wants To Shut Up The Scumbag, Man Code Breaking Michael Bisping | UFC NEWS MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights

    ďYou know whatís funny about Bisping? I actually really like the guy, I got to meet him in that boring fight I had against Demian Maia, which I took on 10-days notice and had to cut 32 pounds in 10 days and he was there when Iím cutting weight and seen what I actually went through and for him to come out and discredit me like that, a little bit of a scumbag moveÖ I think heís promoting himself, he has to discredit other people and especially when Iím ranked ahead of him in most of the rankings of course heís going to try and discredit me, but, you know what I didnít like and I saw when he came on, how he actually like broke man-code by actually mentioning about Luke Rockhold and his sparring, I donít like that, that kind of pisses me off. You donít ó never do that I donít care what you want to do. So, I really didnít like that and I would love to shut him up with that, but weíll see. Itís either him or Anderson Silva; those are the two guys that would be exciting to fight.Ē
    - Top UFC middleweight Chris Weidman on Spike TVís MMA Uncensored Live.
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    I wish they were fighting. Weidman would fuck him up. Although I will say Bisping's game has become very well rounded. Weidman still might be better at every area except maybe jujitsu.

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    Weidman's jits is way better only aspect of grappling that might be in bispings favor would be sweeps and then there's the main issue of cardio
    Funny thing is just when I thought people were warming up the guy it turns out everyone really does hate bisping even Weidman hell even rampage is mad him for not paying is ex manager

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    I kind of thought the same thing when Bisping said how he trained with Rockhold and in so many words....said he sucked. I kind of wondered myself if he was breaking like a fighter ethical code, because you generally don't see fighters doing that unless they are turning against each other like Jon Jones and Rashad.....Not much of a surprise but a real dick, low-class move by Bisping

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    Hope Vitor takes his head off.

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    When Vitor shuts Bisbing up which will happen and i'll bet any one of you, I think Weidman has to be looking at him as an interesting fight.
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    I actually think Bispijg beats Weidman. Considering how good his TDD looked against Sonnen, I think he could keep it on the feet and outgoing him for 3 rounds. That being said, what Bisping said about Luke was absolutely classless and I hope he gets a title shot so Silva can devoure his soul.
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    Vitor pulls out with an injury, Weidman get's the short notice fight against Bisping.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    as time goes on, there are just more and more guys bisping will never get through. i don't know if i ever see him getting a title shot in anything other than an emergency
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