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i was there live in Vancouver when the first fight took place.. i had no idea who rory was at the time but i kept running into people telling me about the dude and to cheer for him so by the time his fight came along i was super pumped for it. it seemed like everyone else got the same message because everyone seemed super pumped for rory's fight even thou we didn't know who he was .. the only thing we knew was that he was from BC ..i think that everyone was cheering for him so loud that it really got to rory but not in a good way.. even after the fight, carlos was trying to talk and we booed him so loud that he couldn't even say anything because the boos were so loud that it was drowning him out even with the mic. i've honestly never heard anything louder in my life then that fight.. i'm super stoked for condit vs rory 2.. i've been a huge fan of rory since the first time i saw him fight in Vancouver
I didn't go to the first Vancouver card but I remember watching the event thinking that this Rory kid was in tough against a guy like Condit. Didn't know who he was but I remember thinking he was just a token BC kid being led to slaughter. The crowd went nuts for him, though and he put on a solid performance for the those first two rounds. Made a fan out of me as well. I just went down to the Seattle Fox card, largely to see Rory fight and the crowd reaction was in reverse as it was in Vancouver. The crowd was booing him so loudly, I couldn't hear his post fight interview.

One thing I like about Rory is how he's addressed the first Condit fight. While he exceeded our expectations he's said he's not happy about his performance in that fight, with the crowd overwhelmingly behind him he felt he let his emotions get the better of him.