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Thread: Matt Mitrione: Roy Nelson's VADA request 'little bit of a distraction'

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    Mitrione has a huge task a head of him. Roy has heavy hands, a solid chin, and a top level ground game. Roy's only downfall seems to be the lack of over all ability with regards to wrapping up those attributes in the cage.

    As much as Mitrione has grown on me, and I root for him, I think Nelson is still above him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyKnox View Post
    Mitrione may have a decent chin but it's nowhere near the likes of Roy's. He also has decent striking and power but Roy traded with and survived JDS so I don't think he has much to worry about. I think it's in Mitrione's best interest if Roy decided not to make it a grappling match, btw.

    Damn, I was really looking forward to Roy VS Carwin, again.
    Not saying he has a better chin then Roy not many do I'm just saying he has a better chin then some of the guys that Roy has KO'd. I don't think Mitrione ko's him either just think it would not be in Roy's best interest to take his stand lightly.

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