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Thread: Antonio McKee - "Aoki will be easy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by trustkill View Post
    Besides takedowns, what else does McKee do on offense??? Aoki won't have to take him down, McKee will be looking to go there anyway, and when he does, he's getting his arm put on backwards or stepping out for a siesta.

    Melendez used boxing and footwork to avoid the ground game with Aoki, not wrestling. McKee is not even in the same universe as Gil in the stand-up. This match up is tailor-made for Aoki, especially if elbows are banned.

    If McKee wants to survive this fight he should watch the Lyle Beerbohm vs Aoki fight and do the exact opposite of what Lyle did--avoid the clinch!!!!!
    Melendez did control Aoki on the ground on several occasions, but he didn't linger there. I think he even took Aoki down a few times. He dominated Aoki EVERYWHERE and broke his spirit. Which isn't that hard to do, to be honest. Aoki is only tough when things are going his way, show him some pressure and he has a history of folding....
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    Hope aoki rips his arm off and flips him off after.

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    Show up, tap out, get paid(maybe)- that's pretty easy.

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