Street Fighting Diaries: Leonard Garcia details a small scrap Donald Cerrone got into - Bloody Elbow

On December 29th, Leonard Garcia will be returning to the octagon against Cody McKenzie. He's coming off some tough losses, so a win is pretty much mandatory at this point, at least in his mind it is. With exciting fighters that have seven "of the night" accolades to their credit, some leeway can be permitted, as the UFC has demonstrated in the past with other fighters. That's not what this post is about, though. I recently interviewed Leonard, who told a street fight tale that I wanted to share. I'll save the rest of his great interview for next week. Today it's about a scuffle his best pal, Donald Cerrone, got into.

Maybe a year and a half back or so, we went to this place. This girl was there, wearing a pink dress, and Cowboy says to her, 'Hey, what's up', and starts talking to her. Some dude comes out from nowhere, rips his shirt off, all muscled up, and screams, 'Are you talking to my girl?!' Cowboy was like, 'Man, shut up.'

From there, we just got in the truck. When we got around the corner, we could see that dude chasing the girl. We pulled up by her and Cowboy said, 'What's up girl?' The dude started screaming again, and basically went crazy, so Cowboy got down off the truck. He went up to the guy and just let the dude have it with a leg kick. Both that dude's legs came off the ground. It was a brutal kick. You could hear the thump. The noise he made ... he had to have used the restroom in his pants. It was like a screech, with a little bit of a burp, and something else [laughs]. Then he jumped up and took off at a full sprint.

He (Cowboy) never smashed on him or anything like that. He just leg kicked him and that was it. I was standing over by his buddy, who had pulled up in his car, and I asked him, 'What's up? You might want to stay in your car, because this is already over.' He told me, 'Oh, I already know who you are. I'm not trying to fight. I'm not stupid like my friend.' I shook his hand, and he waited for his buddy to get back to the car, and they left. That's about the closest thing to a street fight that I've had in a long time.
Just goes to show that acting like an ass can sometimes sweep you right off your feet.