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Do you think Dana would defend someone with a White Pride tattoo across their chest.

Double standards.
I think Dana already kicked a guy out of the UFC for having white supremacy tattoos. I think he had the number 88 tattooed on himself. It of course wasn't for the tattoo on his stomach saying White Steel, but for the Nazi Heil Hitler number 88 on his shoulder.

And in my personal experiences the Brown Pride tattoo has always been racist. I grew up on the south side of Houston and knew quite a few people with that same tattoo, location and all. And they weren't sporting the tatt just for Mexican pride, as it was/is a known gang tatt. One guy in particular is a member of TS, whom I worked with for several years, some of his/their ideals on taking over the US population and running out all the other races were amusing back then. (Crazy how I'm starting to see it actually happen now.) So I can definitely see why people are always asking about it.

I could honestly care less what someone had tattooed on them. It's the biased responses that I can't stand. If you're going to fire someone for a racist 88, then fire someone for having a well known racist Brown Pride tattoo.

But wait, it wasn't Dana that actually fired the white Nazi guy. It was Budweiser, the sponsor...... Makes me wonder what would happen if Budweiser told Dana that they would pull their sponsorship unless (insert your favorite fighter) won/lost a fight.