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Jim Miller for Prez
For a moment I thought you were suggesting Jim Miller vs Erik Perez LOL

Cain vs Overeem (If Overeem wins). If not, then I do not know. Unless he beats Overeem in a dominant fashion, I see no point in a Cain vs BigFoot II

JDS vs Werdum maybe (If he loses to Big Nog). May be Overeem if he loses to BigFoot. JDS vs Bigfoot would not happened because they are friends.
JDS vs Cormier looks so far as the most logical option.

Erik Perez vs Wineland

Tod Duffee vs Roy Nelson

Now, Lombard vs Leben is absolutely no sense. And I do not think it would be a great fight. After Leben's performance, he is lucky to be an alcoholic with problems, because Dana White has compassion for him and won't cut him.
Make Leben vs Palhares

Miller vs Maynard

I would like to see Lauzon vs Nurmagomedov if he beats Tavares.

Belcher vs Boetsch

Okami vs Lombard

Philippou vs Mark Munoz