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Thread: 2013 Predictions

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    Default 2013 Predictions

    Simple enough, your predictions for the upcoming year. This can include title holders, fighters being released or retiring, anything really. What do you think is going to happen in the world of MMA in the next 12 months?

    I'll get things started:

    Cain will still be the HW champ
    Frankie will win the FW title, after Aldo bumps up to LW
    GSP will still be the WW champ

    Weidman never get's a shot at the title. He'll fill in for Vitor after he pulls out of the Bisping fight due to injury, then promptly lose.

    Silva vs. Jones will come oh so close to happening, but won't due to some crazy bullshit.

    Chael Sonnen will retire after getting tapped against Bones. Maybe have a couple money fights, but he'll be done by the end of the year.

    Rousey gets KOed in her first title defense. The UFC women's division doesn't see 2014.

    OneFC holds an event in the US.

    Bellator gets crazy ratings on Spike; Dana White counter programs them at every turn.

    Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez have the FOTY
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    Agree that Cain will still be the HW champ.

    Anderson Silva does not fight more than once in 2013.

    Dan Henderson defeats Machida and still doesn't get a title shot.

    The Lightweight Belt will change hands two times.

    Nick Diaz shocks the world not just by showing up to the press conference but by submitting GSP.
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    - Rhonda Rousey destroys two additional female contenders, then packs her bags for Hollywood, folding the UFC woman’s division
    - Nick Diaz bails on additional UFC obligations, gets stripped of his title shot vs GSP
    - Jonny Hendricks get his long await and well deserved title shot after the Diaz fiasco and upsets GSP with another now famous Hendricks haymaker (this makes me sad… hope it doesn’t happen!)
    - Bones Jones finally gets some respect and acceptance after showing well on the Ultimate Fighter opposite Chael Sonnen. MMA fans tire of Sonnen’s rhetoric and fully support Jon’s one sided smashing of Sonnen into retirement
    - Dominic Cruz finally comes back in late 2012 and gets demolished by Renan Barao
    - Edgar successfully picks up the FW belt and Jose Aldo moves up top LW to get an immediate title shot after injuries wreck Bensons’s next title defense. Jose wins the LW strap
    - Anderson Silva makes it public that he will not fight in 2013 when GSP turns down the superfight offer. Then, a string of injuries puts another card in jeopardy and Anderson steps in to “save” the card against another failing LHW like Thiago Silva or someone totally and completely irrelevant. Anderson pads his record and legacy further without actually defending the title.
    - Chris Wiedman destroys two more MW contenders and Anderson Silva finally acknowledges that Chris is the true MW #1 contender… then Anderson retires from MMA
    - Bigfoot Silva pulls out of the fight with Uber-reem with an undisclosed injury. Alistair gets the title shot against Cain and repeats Junior’s feat of KO’ing Cain in the opening exchanges
    - Shane Carwin never actually comes back
    - Mighty Mouse successfully defends his Fly-Weight title 4 times in 2013

    Lol… this is fun!

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    -Fedor fights for one fc
    -Penn comes back at 155lbs and loses
    - GSP beats Diaz and fights maia by years end.
    - Ellenberger beats Hendricks by decision
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    Sanchez fights Bendo in the FOTY
    “I just want to be known as the greatest ever…is that too much to ask?”

    B.J Penn

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    Jon Jones comes out of the closet

    GSP suffers another knee injury and retires

    Anderson Silva loses his belt to Bisping

    Overeem is crowned HW Champion

    Ian McCall shaves his trademark moustache

    Michael McDonald loses to Renan Barao in devastating fashion

    BJ Penn drops down to LW and crushes two more fights before retiring

    Nick Diaz severely damages GSP's reconstructed knee with a calf crank

    Daniel Cormier loses three in a row and is then dropped by Zuffa

    Jon Fitch finally wins the UFC WW title from Nick Diaz via KO

    Michael Bisping goes on to become the greatest MW champion of all-time

    ...Said no one ever.

    Kevo's response regarding Jon Jones' toe injury:
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    Rampage 97124389 wins his first two pro matches. Roaddog manages him to a contract on a new tuf. Page loses his first match by decision 20-18. He then gets kicked off for calling everyone (ref, fellow fighters, judges, and dana white) a bunch of racists. Following this, him and Roaddawg file a civil suit against Zuffa, to no avail. Anderson Silva publicly questions their manhood. Page retires and now works at a Barnes and Noble. Roaddawg never recovers from Anderson's comments.

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    Cain will be HW champ for a very long time.

    Jon Jones will continue to be champ

    Melendez will be the new LW champion

    GSP will retain against Diaz

    Anderson will fight Bisping and is going to destroy him

    Aldo remains champ

    Rousey will defeat Carmouche by armbar in 50 seconds. They will give her another easy fight in october/november and she will win it too. Rousey vs Cyborg is not happening.
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    Overeem passes a drug te.....yeah, I really don't see that happening.

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    jake shields gets cut

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