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Thread: 2013 Predictions

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    does machida have any subs in the ufc because i have this fear that he is going to tap henderson
    carano returns and rhonda's popularity wanes
    page wants to stay but the ufc wont pay him anything near what he was making
    shogun finally moves to middleweight
    bj comes back to 155 and deigo shits his pants
    wandy and franklin retire
    bisping does not get past belfort no sir he'll be asleep in his cup of tea in round 1
    oh and edgar is the new champ at 145

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    Overroid wins heavyweight championship then subsequently tests positive for toxoplasmosis from bad horse meat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    Overroid wins heavyweight championship then subsequently tests positive for toxoplasmosis from bad horse meat.
    Side prediction: FX picks Duckman up for a 10 episode run.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
    I rode a horse. Banged in a hot spring.
    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Michael Mcdonald wins the BW title
    Aldo destroys Frankie then moves up to LW to win there
    Anderson loses in 2013
    Werdum beats Cain
    Hendo H bombs Machida

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    Dana names 6 different number one contenders in every weight class.

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    Brock takes a huge payday to comeback at the end of the year for the UFC's MSG debut....against Fedor.

    Glover Teixeira will make his mark as a 205 title contender and will at the least, fight for the title.

    Eddie Alvarez will have a more successful run with ZUFFA than Gilbert(as long as he stays at LW)

    Arlovski will make it back to the UFC and won't just be a novelty act.

    Johny Hendricks will lose his soul, like all the previous contenders before him.

    Pettis will leapfrog any other contenders if he bests Cerrone to receive a title fight rematch on FOX against Bendo.

    Bisping will continue to be perpetually overrated

    Anderson and Bones will fight top tier fighters in higher weightclasses on the same card, just not against each other. Anderson/Evans will headline the massive July card this year, possibly as Rashad's MW debut, while Bones/Cormier will be the LHW fight to make if Daniel can safely make it down.

    The Diaz Brothers will still be unfamiliar with takedown defense

    Ricardo Arona may or may not fight.

    Satoshi Ishii may or may not fight.

    Either Barnett or Overeem will piss dirty.

    Jorge Santiago will make an impact at WW in the UFC

    Jacare and Werdum's developed standup will make them serious threats in their respective division.

    Faber will get another undeserved title shot

    Forrest Griffin will attempt to give less of a fuck than he already does.

    Jon Jones will do his best to only crash cars cheaper than Bentleys.

    Machida will ghost Hendo, sending Dan into retirement.

    Korean Zombie will continue to electrify, leading up to the beyond amazing matchup with the FW champion(whoever it is).

    Whoever draws the short straw to face JDS in his bounceback fight will get their skull smashed the fuck in.

    Jon Gruden will comeback and lead the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl Championship

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    Big Nog will retire after a fight in either Japan or Brazil.
    A member of the Gracie family will croak.
    Pettis will beat Cerrone and lose in a FOTY candidate to Bendo.
    Barao will beat MacDonald and Cruz.
    Rousey will break ground twice. She will be in the first womens UFC fight against Carmouche and the first UFC women vs man fight against cyborg.
    "If a man with no arms and a man with no legs started learning karate, the same light bulb would appear over every head in Japan. That’s right: Glue them together and see if it can kill a panda."

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    Jim Miller will finally get a title shot.

    Sonnen retires and becomes a leading figure on the Fox broadcasts.

    Aldo moves to LW. At least 3 LW fighters immediately move to FW.

    Dominic Cruz returns; gets leg kicks to death by Barao.

    Vitor crushes Bisping. Silva is uninterested in a rematch. With no clear contender, he sits on the sideline. He only fights once in 2013, it's either GSP or Bones. RH has a brain aneurysm and isn't allowed on the computers at the retirement home anymore. RD assumes the fight is with GSP, has an orgasm so violent that he shatters his own hip. Finally, his pills are legal and he's happier than ever. With no hip, he becomes aware of the plights of the handicapped and declares himself handi-capable. The forum is then accused of being racist against the handicapped. Repeated attempts are made to explain to RD that handicapped isn't a race. Many images captioned "Haters gonna hate" follow.

    Quote Originally Posted by MIZjitsZOU View Post
    Rampage 97124389 wins his first two pro matches. Roaddog manages him to a contract on a new tuf. Page loses his first match by decision 20-18. He then gets kicked off for calling everyone (ref, fellow fighters, judges, and dana white) a bunch of racists. Following this, him and Roaddawg file a civil suit against Zuffa, to no avail. Anderson Silva publicly questions their manhood. Page retires and now works at a Barnes and Noble. Roaddawg never recovers from Anderson's comments.
    MIZ, you are my hero.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    The Diaz Brothers will still be unfamiliar with takedown defense
    That cracked me up. It's also incredibly accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post

    Jon Gruden will comeback and lead the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl Championship
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aldo beats Edgar... moves up to LW for some great fights...

    Bendo easily beats Melendez, who moves down to FW...

    Pettis vs. Bendo is another close highly contested fight...

    Rory continues his success at WW but he and GSP will not fight...

    Anderson beats Weidman... then takes out GSP in the super fight, then gets put out by Jones... Then retires.

    Jones continues to dominate at LHW... beats Chael, Goose, and possibly Hendo... 1 rematch against a former opponent... Lyoto or Rashad... then he moves up to HW...

    Cain beats AO then faces JDS in the fall for the trilogy...

    GSP/Rory, DC/Cain, Fitch/Kos, continue to not want to fight each other... yet the fans are still on Anderson for not wanting to fight Lyoto in the division above him.

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