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Thread: UFC offers to pay for Mike Dolce's services to get Cyborg to 135

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    Quote Originally Posted by rampage9712 View Post
    Lets hope she can make the cut without any problems... That will be a good fight...

    How quickly people are forgetting about cyborg... they see how good Rousey has been, but forget about the wrecking machine that Cyborg is...

    Didnt she slam tito or out or some shit?

    lol RD said he wants that...
    She did not slam Tito. She lifted Tito about 7 inches off the ground and then fell over because she couldn't hold him up. The reason I say that, is because every gym Ive been to, it's highly frowned upon to try slam your way out of submissions when you are just doing grappling practice. In addition to that, as soon as Tito went back to the ground, she tapped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    Does anyone else see a bit of an ethics issue with the UFC willing to pay for something like this?

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