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Thread: Cain Velasquez Delivers Record Setting Performance in Win over JDS

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    I'd rather it be Hunt.

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    quality not quantity is all i can say for mma statistics anyway mark hunt won a tug of war against bob sapp and i think it was a legit contest so he should leap frog the skyscraper and be jds' next fight i really would like to see overeem or werdum sub cain or atleast force him to bring out that part of of his mma game, i kinda see why meisha was being obnoxious with the calls for rnc openings

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    AO will run over bigfoot, and i don't see this-era big nog beating this-era werdum. the winner of hunt/struve will need another win, (probably against bigfoot) to get a title shot.

    the big question we need to ask is can any two-three opponents defeat JDS on his way back to a title shot?
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    I would like to see JDS verses AO it would be funny for me to see him get passed over.

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