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Thread: Exec: Showtime will stay in the MMA business after Strikeforce's end

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    Default Exec: Showtime will stay in the MMA business after Strikeforce's end

    Exec: Showtime will stay in the MMA business after Strikeforce's end

    Despite the impending end of a three-year broadcast relationship with Strikeforce, Showtime has no plans to get out of MMA.

    Stephen Espinoza, executive vice president and general manager of Showtime Sports, today told (UFC blog for UFC news, UFC rumors, fighter interviews and event previews/recaps) that the network is in active discussions with a variety of combat-sports promoters to fill the void left by the Zuffa-owned promotion, which is scheduled to hold its final event on Saturday.

    Shark Fights, Legacy Fighting Championship, Invicta FC and Xtreme Fighting Championships are among those rumored to have been in talks with Showtime. Espinoza, though, declined to name any possible suitors.

    Espinoza said the meetings took place in "the last few weeks, after it became clear that we would not be moving forward with Strikeforce for the next year."

    "We had the option of moving forward (with Strikeforce)," he said. "We decided not to exercise that option."

    However, Espinoza said the sport remains important to him on a personal level as well as with executives within Showtime, whose relationship with Strikeforce predates his tenure with the network. Espinoza replaced now-HBO executive Ken Hershman in November 2011.

    "We are actively looking for other opportunities," Espinoza said. "(We) haven't found the right opportunity yet, but we are definitely looking for the next relationship in the MMA space."

    Espinoza described the possibilities discussed for a future partner include "virtually every [possibility] in the combat-sports area."

    The network also aims to keep the same number of MMA events on its schedule.

    "Every opportunity is evaluated on its own merits, but we certainly have an appetite for at least the same level of programming we were getting from Strikeforce, if not more," he said.

    The exec added that Showtime retains broadcast rights to Strikeforce programming and plans to re-air past events beyond the expiration of the agreement with Zuffa in March.
    Exec: Showtime will stay in the MMA business after Strikeforce's end | News
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    Don't bother scrubs!

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    Lol what else do that have to work with? I sure as hell hope they don't pick the MFC! I'd like to see an org like the XFC or Shark Fights get some exposure. but they better bring plenty of lube and practice with some rather large butt plugs, cause Showtime's definitely going to be pitching in that relationship.....
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    Thats shitty....Wasn't one of the main reasons that people like Gilbert Melendez and other strikeforce champs couldnt go to the UFC, because they had a contract with Showtime that was good for as long as they wanted to promote MMA? If thats the case, then if they decide to pick up another MMA promotion, then wouldn't their "prize" fighters be contractually obligated to only fight for them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeodd2 View Post
    Lol what else do that have to work with?
    He mentioned combat sports and not just MMA. I think they could end up with some really high quality stuff if they ink a deal with Glory Kickboxing. It would be even better if that deal could include Dream and or One FC.

    The CBS braodcast of Glory/Dream on New Year's eve could have been a test run.

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    Maybe M-1?
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    Soooo they fail with a boatload of good talent and recognizable names..And they want to try again with shittier talent and names that nobody knows?

    Seems like a recipe for success, I wonder why other companiesn arn't following this business model.

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