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Thread: Cain Velasquez: Can He Surpass Fedor as Best Heavyweight Ever?

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    Not sure how getting rocked by a very powerful striker in your 6th fight is something to be ashamed of lol. Kongo left that fight a broken man, not Cain. Cain was the one smiling into the Camera with a bloody face at the end while Kongo was still on his hands and knees., not sure how you can hate on someone for that. By the way, Fedor's 6th fight................was Kerry Schall. haha!

    Dos Santos was Cain's 9th fight. Who was Fedor's 9th fight? Ryushi Yanigasawa, whoever the hell that is lol Also, pretty sure there won't be any Zulzuhinos, Matt Lindlands, old Pedro Rizzos, or Hong Man Choi's on Cain's record when it's all said and done.

    Cain is EASILY fighting better competition right now than Fedor fought for most of his career. He's got a ways to go to catch up to Fedor's legacy, but he definitely doesn't need to be 35-4 or anything like that because he will easily have fought more consistent top level competition when his career is over. Destroying Overeem will be a great continuation.

    Seems like we got a lot of JDS fans on here that didn't like seeing their boy get smashed in the rematch
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    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    I don't know if he will go on a Fedor type run but I could see this going down similar to GSP accept with a lot more finishes.

    All just seems to familiar with me.. both men were highly touted to be dominant champs for years to come lose there belts due to strikes in shocking fashion in their 1st defenses come back win a fight or 2 reclaim their gold and go on a grapple fest run with several title defenses.

    But I am a JDS hutnugger <<<Dyslexia or?? and really don't wish for this to happen just see it coming.
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    Randy Couture's record stands at 19-11. Would you not consider him an all-time great?
    I certainly do not consider Couture an all time great HW. At HW, Couture's record is something like 8 and 7. I'm too lazy to do the math, but it's less than impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    I certainly do not consider Couture an all time great HW. At HW, Couture's record is something like 8 and 7. I'm too lazy to do the math, but it's less than impressive.

    I would have to agree. His legend is mostly made at LHW when he beat Ortiz and Liddell in back to back fights when it seemed beating either of those two was impossible. And to do it in two dominating one sided performance's was something else as well.

    I think talent wise Cain is the most talented HW to ever fight in MMA but he would have to do a lot to be called the all time greatest HW. Take into accout the current level of HWs is much better then when Fedor fought. I would take Cain, JDS, Bigfoot or DC over any HW Fedor ever fought. So Cain to repeat what Fedor did would be almost impossible just because the guys are so much more talented. He could do it but he would have to defend his title at least 4 or 5 times which is not all that likely.
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