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While I don't disagree that in the end run skill takes precedent over muscle and weight cutting. I think it's a little to easy to point at the guys who have lost and got caught but think people don't win on PED's at the same time. I personally don't have any doubts about Overeem using in the past and his actions prior to the Lesnar match which he won certainly point to PED use.

I think for me the biggest problem with PED use being accepted is that it forces the guys that don't want to use it to feel like they have to because everyone else does. Long term health effects being a risk is not something anyone should have to risk for entertainment to the masses.

And just for arguments sake what happens in a fight where both guys are equally skilled but one is using PED's and the other isn't ?
Honestly i would give the edge to the person not taking PEDs. IMO the mental aspect of fighting plays a huge role. If you can mentally beat your opponent before and/or during a fight then you've already won (most of the time). If the person you are fighting is taking PEDs imo that is a sign of not mentally being there because for some reason or another they are taking it because they feel like they need an advantage leading up to the fight. If you dont believe in your own skills and abillities enough to do it naturally how can you be confident in them when it comes down to the actual fight when its just you and him in the octagon?