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Thread: Benson Henderson Inks New Deal With The UFC

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    Default Benson Henderson Inks New Deal With The UFC

    Benson Henderson Inks New Deal With The UFC -

    "New deal done w/Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC, I'm a HAPPY man," Henderson wrote.

    Henderson thanks his management team, including Malki Kawa, for "staying late on this (business)."

    Earlier this week, "Smooth" got into several Twitter arguments over reports of Alvarez entering the UFC and earning over $70,000 for his first fight. Henderson recently was victorious in the main event of a UFC on Fox event, defeating Nate Diaz.

    Currently, Henderson does not have a future opponent lined up. Rumors of Alvarez, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez or the winner of Anthony Pettis/Donald Cerrone have been discussed for Henderson.
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    Good for him he certainly earned a raise.

    Seeing the kind of money they are willing to pay for Alvarez I'm sure helped his negotiations along.

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    lets just hope the negotiations were smooth!

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    I bet he is happy! His stock is the highest it's ever been. What better time to ink a new deal lol.

    LW division is about to be the sickest division once Eddie and Gilbert come in. I wouldn't mind them putting Eddie vs. Gilbert for the title shot if Eddie isn't guaranteed. Either that or Eddie vs. winner of Cowbow/Pettis (Pettis) and Gilbert vs. Miller.
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    Glad he's getting paid.

    I was tremendously impressed by his defeat of Diaz, made it look easy. Hopefully he'll learn to sit on his punches a bit more; he's made great improvements and I am on the Vendor hype train.

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    Good for him, I'm a fan but im not as impressed as I once was. Imho Frankie is the rightful champ of the division. I'd really like to him vs Alvarez, I think he destroys Gilbert tho.

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    Good for Bendo might I only see 4 more fights for him to clean up that shark tank of a division (Gilbert,Eddie,Pettis, possibly a fight with Aldo if he moves up)

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    I agree a lot of fresh matches for Bendo even 4 a year we still got a1-1/2 years

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    I see bendo holding the strap for a while so its no surprise that hes already renegotiated his paper work. I reckon next up is melendez followed by possibly the winner of cowby/showtime. Not to mention maynard is prolly a good win or two from another shot and matches up well with benson as well.
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