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Dont worry, unless your awfully short that is.

What do you think about which events to do Sick Lunatic and the rest of the crew who is going to be playing? All events or just PPV / Network TV ones? I already did a thread for the Jan 4 card online so, either way, that one is staying bitches .

Leuc, since you are retiring from pick ems and all, PM me your secrets and tricks learned You kicked more ass this year than I have seen on any pick ems. Last year the top two were like 40 points apart max.
Meh. I'm cool either way. I'll just go with heads = fighter A, tails = fighter B lol.

I would like to see some interest drummed up for this thing though, like get people signing up and playing and whatnot. Maybe some kind of advertisement on the main page to promote it and get people to join the site that way too. Hell, make a $5 prize for the winner and maybe people will play, or an mmanews.com keychain, probably costs like $1.32 to get one made. Not sure who'd do this or whatever, maybe the mods, or the owner? Who does own or run this thing anyways?