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Thread: Free agent josh barnett: The right deal is needed to make me exclusive to ufc

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    Free agent Josh Barnett: The right deal is needed to make me exclusive to UFC | News

    Entering into a free-agency period before his next contract, Josh Barnett wants to mix fighting with other pursuits.

    "It would take the right kind of deal to get me to be locked into some place entirely and exclusively," he told (UFC blog for UFC news, UFC rumors, fighter interviews and event previews/recaps).
    While battling the flu, Barnett (32-6 MMA, 3-1 SF) closed out a two-fight deal with a first-round submission over Nandor Guelmino (11-4 MMA, 0-1 SF) at "Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine" this past Saturday.

    Already better a day later, he said it feels good to be "a healthy guy able to fight wherever he wants."

    The 35-year-old heavyweight inked an extension this past year with Strikeforce, which UFC parent Zuffa acquired in early 2011, after his deal with the promotion's previous owners expired.

    Barnett, who signed with Strikeforce in 2010, ended his tenure with a 3-1 record. He submitted two opponents before losing an exciting decision to Daniel Cormier in the finals of the world heavyweight grand prix.

    Long considered one of the top heavyweights in the sport, Barnett's fans have voiced a desire to see him back in the UFC, where in 2002 he won the title. (The UFC later stripped him of the belt after he tested positive for steroids and left the promotion to fight overseas.)

    But the open market also includes the Viacom-owned Bellator MMA, which makes its long-awaited Spike TV debut on Thursday. Showtime, whose Strikeforce deal concluded with this past weekend's event, is in talks to partner with a new MMA promotion. In fact, officials said multiple organizations could fill the void.

    Unlike others, Barnett is not bound to waiting periods that obligate him to first negotiate with Zuffa or allow the promotion to match other offers, but his manager's intention is see what the industry-leader has in store.

    "We have not entered into negotiations with any company," manager Leland Labarre said. "We know the fans would love for Josh to fight in the UFC, and Josh would love to fight in the UFC, if that's the way things work out.

    "We want to find something that's hopefully going to be his last contract and find a permanent home."
    Since his exit from the UFC, Barnett has struggled to find that. He has fought for a litany of promotions that have gone out of business, including PRIDE, Affliction and now Strikeforce.

    Barnett anticipates a long negotiating process to get the right deal. While signing with the UFC doesn't hinge on exclusivity, he said he would be "giving up money" by staying in one place.

    "But there's a possibility a deal can be worked out with anybody," he said. "I think that they could come to a position with myself where it would work for both parties and everybody would be happy."
    Barnett has a sizable list of activities he'd like to pursue while winding down his career: acting, pro wrestling, racecar driving and grappling tournaments. He recently purchased a video camera with plans to shoot an instructional video series, and he expressed interest in learning how to drift race.

    Most of the interests by themselves make Barnett an insurer's nightmare. Together, they amount to one big deductible.

    These days, though, Barnett is thinking about possibility over risk.

    "The limitations of your standard fighter, they don't apply to me," he said.
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    250k per fight would lock me up exclusively lol

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    Please go to Bellator. Then he could Pro wrestle, or drift race, or whatever he wants to.

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    He really needs to sign with UFC. There are some sick fights waiting for him. Could you imagine a fight between him and Struve? If he loves the sport half as much as he says he does then he needs to go where the best competition is and not going dominate Bellator.

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    Lets get ready for Barnett vs Cain.
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    His BOLT THROWER logo T-shirt is beyond awesome!!
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    I think him and Mir would be a classic fight! And I think it makes more sense than DC and Mir, which really doesn't make much sense at all.

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    IMO, Josh has a world of talent and would be a stellar addition to the HW division, however homeboy simply isn't in the position currently to be making demands, especially since Dana can't stand him.

    If Josh wants to fight the best and be in the UFC, I think he'll really need to eat some crow, 86 the pro wrestling stuff(which makes Dana cringe)and be gracious and basically take whatever he can get as a recipt for UFC 36 debacle.....which I REALLY don't see Josh doing.

    If Barnett didn't have the baggage, I think he could write his own ticket he's such a sick grappler, but the unfortunate truth is that he's a lia-fucking-bility and I don't believe ZUFFA will match what Japan will probably throw at him to do a combination of works and shoots. Couple that with BFC's loss of their only legit HW in Konrad and I think there's more money to be made elsewhere.

    If Josh wants to make a name for his "legacy", I think the UFC has alot of great matches, but I think that means taking a paycut and hold his tongue, whereas in Japan, he'll live like a god and not have to answer to anyone.

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    Barnett vs Big Country anyone?

    Not sure if you heard... Big Country is throwing combos now.

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    Probably in his opinion the right deal should include terms like

    - No drug testing before or after the fight.

    He would be a Top 5 in the UFC though. I see Cain, JDS, Cormier, probably Overeem and maybe Werdum beating him. He beats the rest of the roster.

    BTW I do not really like his pro wrestling persona. He tries way too hard, it does not come naturally.
    He is like "wait wait, I will cut a promo in a prowrestling style. Are you ready? Ok, "oooh la la la la laaaa, you all suck, I am the greatest yadda yadda yadda", did you liked it??"
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