UFC 47 - It's On Pictures - Wes Sims vs. Mike Kyle
Mike Kyle was possibly in for a long night against the sometimes too-reckless Wes Sims. Riding high on a four fight winning streak, Kyle was determined to make a statement tonight and prove his mettle in the Octagon. There was only :25 left on the clock when referee John McCarthy finally stood the fighters up for lack of action, and that's when Kyle capitalized on the fatigued Sims. Kyle quickly closed the gap and raced in for the kill, smashing a crippling right hand dead on Sims' face. Sims collapsed onto the canvas like a wild buck just picked off by Ted Nugent and that was all she wrote. The official knockout came at 4:59 of the first round. The upper right corner of Sims' chest was a bite mark left from Kyle. After the fight Kyle claimed that it was his mouthpiece inadvertently dug into Sims' chest, but nobody believed him. It was crystal clear that Sims was not only a victim of taking a fight on short-term notice, but also of Mike Tyson/Andrew Golota vicious teeth syndrome.