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Hold on a second, chael getting a title shot at LHW with zero wins at that weight and people go nuts. DC gets a title shot without ANY fights at 205 and people are okay with it...

Now that ive got that rant out of the way, Bones will smash DC. Like Jones said- Just do it
Difference is DC is coming off a win, or should I say wins. He's the SF HW tourney winner. A win over a former HW champ in Mir, further legitimizes him as top level fighter. All these accomplishments at a HIGHER weight class is good enough for him to forego an initial LHW match and jump into a title match. It would be like GSP fighting Silva without having a single fight at MW.

Also, He is asking for the Jones fight and wants it bad enough to drop weight and meet Jones at his weigh class rather than make Jones come up in weight.

It's unlike Anderson Silva, who wants the GSP fight so badly but wants GSP to come up in weight rather he himself go down and fight GSP.