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Thread: Chael Sonnen predicts Michael Bisping over Vitor Belfort, but it will be rough early

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodneykm View Post
    Mike is going to take Andersons belt whether Anderson likes it or not.
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    Bispings fight strategy for Vitor

    In all honesty I hope Vitor wins but it's true I can see it going Bisping's way in the later rounds

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    count wins a UD and then ill be forced to watch one of my top 3 faves in anderson knock out one of my top 5 faves in bisping .

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    I can agree with that if he makes it past the 3rd round, but that is a HUGE if. Really huge. Just one punch is all it's going to take and Belfort is faster than Hendo with the same level of ko power. But I have to say, I'm a Bisping fan now, the guy has really come a long way with his boxing. IF he can beat Belfort, I will have zero problems with him being the #1 contender.
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