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Thread: Nick Diaz training to fight off of his back against Georges St-Pierre

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFFRpickup View Post
    Thats a rediculous stupid plan! Talk about planning for defeat. so a black belt in BJJ is "working off his back" are you kidding me. I though thats what they do! how about TDD

    Its like going into a war againt a navy and just "practicing on your swimming" instead of practicing to avoid getting sunk in the first place.
    This. Nick is so stubborn with his Cesar Gracie Jui jitsu he thinks he can submit anyone. Work on your TDD for once in your life Nick....because if you plan to work from your back for five rounds you will lose a lopsided decision. Hendricks will give GSP much more of a fight than Nick if this is his strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    Nick will probably lose every round, retire, and then post a video on youtube crying about how GSP didn't come to "fight".
    Thats really smart, waste your training camp on something inetevitable...I don't know what he's thinking working off his back, this training camp would crib definitely get his tdd where itn needs be.....sigh

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    One thing I didn't see posted was Hendersons punches to the theighs. I see GSP useing that blueprint too.
    TDD GSP has taken down the best of the best so at some point Nick will be on his back even if thats all he trained since he retired. So working on sub's will lessen GSP's GNP due to being extra careful.
    My prediction is GSP will leg kick, fake shots punch to the theigh, and take him down late in the round to secure a strong dec.

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    Shouldn't read too much into this. All CJ said is that Diaz is going to make sure he's really strong off his back by training a shitload with Shields, who has a very strong top game. It would be insane for him not to work on his guard for this fight.

    I just hope he doesn't go in with a really shitty game plan. I think fighting off of his back CAN work, Condit busted up GSP pretty good off of his back, but it's not going to win rounds. The main problem with fighting off of your back is that any legit MMArtist has spent countless hours in another guys guard. All the triangle/armbar escapes are deeply ingrained in their muscle memory. Subbing a guy like GSP from the guard is almost impossible. Landing something when he's already hurt is another story though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JUBAE View Post
    Working on td defense for GSP is the most "ridiculous" plan ever bud. He will take anyone down no matter how hard they work on it, then all that training will be for nothing.
    C-mon. If you don't work on your weakness youre opponnent will exploit it. Yes you have to expect to be on your back at some point agaisnt Gsp. But I see a Chael/AS senario but without the sub. Im not saying work on TDD all day. Im just saying work on your weaknesses. If Diaz worked on TDD seriously since he started fighting, he may be able to stay on his feet for maybe three of the five rounds...or maybe two. I dont remember the last time Diaz finished somebody with a sub! I realize the BJJ guys dont mind being taken down becasue they love to sub people. BUT.. The elite fighters rarely get subbed... you simply dont see it that often until they are softenned up. Diaz will not soften Gsp up from the bottom. his best chance is to keep the fight standing. and if TDD helps him stay on his feet for a round or two.....better for nick. Im not a fan of nicks style and whining when he losses but I feel Carlos did a good job against Gsp and almost finished him and diaz might be able to learn something from that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    And that 1 was over turned like it never existed.

    Yeah Nick's magical bottom game. Much like JDS super awesome ground game.

    Myth's MMA fans love to make up.
    Don't forget about BJ's awesome BJJ that hasn't been used in a decade.

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