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Thread: Creatine - What brand do you use?

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    Default Creatine - What brand do you use?

    I picked me up some creatine and I have no knowledge of this. In the past, I had bought some with my whey protein about 5 years ago. I used the bottle then never got more as I was satisfied with my shape.

    I am looking to have a more alkaline phyto diet with meat 3 days a week. Why? Due to sinusitis and its affect on my respiratory system. I must all but eliminate dairy to reduce the thickness of mucus in my throat. I won't delude myself, the sinusitis is due to my 9 year cigarette habit.

    The GNC dude was trying to convince me to pair it with a Test Booster but I had none of it, I'd rather do that herbally and through proper diet.

    Regardless of the previous information, what brand of creatine do you use and why?

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    I use Six Star from Walmart. It works great for me and it's cheaper than the others.

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