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I think Vitor/Lombard would make for a great fight and Okami would be the best possible measuring stick to see where Rockhold is at.

I also think with both of em being KTFO recently it's finally time to make Franklin/Bisbing.
I think Rockhold needs to be measured against a higher level striker. Looking at his recent wins: Jacare, Kennedy, Jardine, there aren't any there and it's the obvious question for me. But I LOVE the Franklin/Bisping idea!

Here's how I'd do it at the moment:

Rockhold/Phillipou - Already called him out. Lets Phillipou keep fighting known competition without moving up too quickly; lets Rockhold showcase his striking against a dangerous guy.

Vitor/Le - If DW really is saying Vitor is a few fights away from a title shot (not sure I agree), give him someone exciting, that sells well, and is still very relevant. Plus it'd be a fun fight.

Boetsch/Munoz - Classic "back on track" fight for two guys that hit hard.

Lombard/Weidman - assuming Lombard beats Okami, the winner is a clear contender. Plus I thought Silva was planning to be out for much of 2013, no?

Bisping/Franklin - Vanity $ fight that prevents Bisping from mucking up the contender pool for a bit

Belcher/Jacare - A good test for both guys though Belcher will likely pull guard to make a point and ruin my night

Okami/Kennedy - Assuming Okami loses to Lombard, it's a good grappler match (and probably a win for Okami).