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Thread: Tito Tweeting About Vitor's Physique

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    I remember reading in Randy's book that the first time he fought Vitor in the early days, the gameplan was basically "he's on clearly on steroids, let's just let him gas himself out".

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    Different camps...different training, come on guys, stuff like that can change a professional athletes physique pretty easily. Why don't we all rag on St. Pierre too for putting on muscle...look at him years ago when he was in UCC and then after he went to Jackson's. Just because someone is ripped doesn't mean they use anything other than insane amounts of supps. Could be genetic, could be they actually keep in shape when they're not I recall Tito used to come in looking pretty jacked himself.
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    i didnt wanna say anything initially because i'm a bisping fan and would get my ass cheweed/flamed, but it was very suspect. i'm not passing judgment, just saying it's suspect, especially for someone with a history.

    i'm willing to say all my top 5 fighters are NOT on any sort of ped's at all: bj, bisping, anderson, frankie, and condit.

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