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Thread: Rampage Thinks Spinning Elbows And Oblique Kicks Should Be Made Illegal | UFC NEWS

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    Im on the fence on this one. I see both sides. I just hope we can come to a conclusion and make them in a unified rules that everyone will follow.

    It can cause damage but at the same time so can any # of things, this is MMA. But it is not solely to fuck someone's knee up. It can be used to hinder their movement, just like a leg kick. or to keep them at a distance.

    It seems like one of those things that you like to land on your opponent, but hate when they land it on you. Thats how I feel. I wouldnt be upset either way, it just needs to be addressed and followed.

    banning spinning elbows would be a joke. Obviously if it lands on the back of the head, then yes its illigal.

    Id like to see 12-6 elbows made legal and possibly kicks, knees to the head of the grounded opponent.

    eyepokes are another issue. They are clearly dirty and dont belong in MMA. but there are a lot of legitimate techniques that require you to keep your arm extended in your opponents face. You can block their vision and look to land, play with their defence, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by 0mega1 View Post
    As opposed to what, kicking somebody in the head? What are the intentions of somebody throwing a head kick? To put your opponent out, in brutal fashion. You know you could die from a head kick...but I dont think you can kill somebody if you kick them in the knee.

    I dont think they're dirty and dont link them in the same category as an eye pokes, biting, or groin strikes. Yet, I put them in the same category as foot stomps.
    Ya. there is a thin line somewhere there. You can easily cause irreversible damage to someone's leg with leg kicks. Should we ban those as well. Look at Faber and Marquardt's legs. It will take some serious work to get them back to normal.

    Even with a worse case scenario, which we really havent come across at the moment. If someone's knee was flat out blown out from a kick to the knee. You could still do the same amount of damage to a major joint from an armbar or kimura. Look at how many armbars have damaged fighters over the years... Look at Nog's arm after the Mir fight, that will never be the same.

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    I hate the kicks and I actually thought they were illegal until certain fighters started using them a lot. He also has a point about spinning elbows. All the spinning elbows I can remember have landed in the back of the opponents head.

    Maybe don't make the spinnning elbows illegal but if it concretely lands in the back of the head maybe a halt to action could be called. Haven't seen this done before.

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    Jones beats opponent using 20+ knee kicks - 85% of MMAnews wants oblique kicks banned

    Rampage says oblique kicks should be banned - 99% of MMAnews insults Rampage

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    UPDATE: It has been confirmed by Travis Mcpherson that Rampage Jackson was playing Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified
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    Sorry on my phone and having a hard go at it. Basically it says Rampage played his hand held video game the entire press conference.
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Sorry on my phone and having a hard go at it. Basically it says Rampage played his hand held video game the entire press conference.

    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    He reminds me of this guy I used to get to get weed for my friends and I when I was a 17 (long time ago...)
    Guy had been shot in the head and survived, but he just wasn't all there...

    His name was James and he wouldn't do shit for you until you played a full game of Monopoly with him. Each time I would start winning, he would flip out and say that's against the rules. I pulled out the rule book on him one time and he tore that shit up lol. We called it Jamesnopoly.

    That's rampage now. Whatever his weakness is, he believes should be illegal. I'm surprised he hasn't asked for authority to change rules during the bout.
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